Available Direct From Flatwood Studio

Studios that have temperature, dust and noise controlled machine rooms may not need the BMC. For the rest of us, it's designed like the dust cover from my old Garrard turntable. The main reason we made the first one was to keep the dust off the machine but when we put it in use the first time we were amazed by the amount of machine noise it cut out. Everyone who visits Flatwood Studio wants one.

Flatwood Studio's BAE installed MCI JH16 24 with BMC

You'll notice from the photo of our machine that the edges are all polished and its made of break-resistant 0.25 inch thick acrylic. We double pack the BMC and guarantee safe arrival.

Users are happy with the noise abatement

If you want to order one from us please send us the exact inside dimensions in this format: width in inches, depth front to back in inches, height top to bottom and send us a check for $175.00 (we pay packing and shipping costs via UPS to destinations in the United States).
Available also through Blevins Audio Exchange. Please allow two or three weeks for manufacture and delivery.


1997 Flatwood Studio