Flatwood Studio

view of our 900 sq ft tracking roomcontrol room

Track, overdub and mix away from city distractions in our 900 sq ft tracking room, large, comfortable control room, the Soundcraft recording and mixing console from The Grand Ole Opry mated to a MCI JH24 2inch analog deck set to record at +8, comfortable lounge, five iso booths, and more..

Flatwood Studio is located on a 40 acre farm that dates back to 1840. During the early days of The Grand Ole Opry the farm belonged to Spencer Jordon, Uncle Dave Macon's road manager. Uncle Dave would drive his mule propelled wagon up from his farm a little south of here and ride with Mr. Jordon since Uncle Dave didn't drive. Later when Spencer Jordon retired Uncle Dave hired The Delmore Brothers as opening act and drivers.

Control Room photo showing the DC2000
Close enough to Nashville and all the city has to offer without the potential problems and distractions of actually being in the city. Pros and new comers alike will appreciate our attention to detail and years of experience making music.

With hundreds, if not thousands of recording studios to choose from
we appreciate those who have found us.

Two miles south of Cedars of Lebanon
  • Gypsy Carns (New Video Project)
  • AZA (Album Project)
  • COUNTRY FLYBOY (Album Project)
  • GYPSY CARNS (Project Mastering)
  • TENNESSEE TRUCK SHOW 2006 (Video Presentation)
  • GYPSY CARNS (Our 14th CD Project)
  • Andy May (Video Production)
  • Bob Bradley Productions (Audio Production)
  • Jim Williams (CD Production)
  • Jim Williams (Music Video)
  • Mega Mortgage Course $$$ (E. Wright Davis)
  • Paul Cox (CD Production)
  • Judy Wright (Video Project)
  • Judy Wright (Bob Bradley Producer)
  • IRON PONY EXPRESS (Truck It Records Video Project)
  • TENNESSEE TRUCK SHOW 2005 (Video Presentation)
  • Joey Holiday (Video Project)
  • THE WAVES (Song Production)
  • JOEY HOLIDAY (Video Editing)
  • PAUL COX (Vocals & Mixing)
  • BETTY KEY (CD Production)
  • GYPSY CARNS (Audio & Video)
  • PAUL COX (CD Production)
  • TOBY STEELE (Writer/Artist Project)
  • BODY & SOUL (Video Project)
  • KEELEY SHAE (Music Project)
  • ED COFFEY (CD Production)
  • THE HEDGES FAMILY (CD Production)
  • MIKE & TABBY (Songwriter Demos)
  • SETH HARDCASTLE (Music Project)
  • TENNESSEE TRUCK SHOW (Video Presentation)
  • PRIME OUTLETS MALLS (Video Project)
  • Clue and the Honkeytones (Mix For CD)
  • Nashville Folk Festival (Radio Production)
  • Musark (CD Production)
  • Grammy Gladys (Talking Book)
  • Gypsy Carns (CD Mastering)
  • 4 Way Stop (Video Project)
  • Kari Hilpert (Writer Project)
  • Clue and the Honkytones (CD Project)
  • Seth Hardcastle (CD Project)
  • Mike King (Song Demos)
  • FREDDY LOVVORN (Video Project)
  • AMERICAN PHENOM (Video Shoot)
  • ELVIN LOVELESS (tabby Crabb)
  • DUANE MICHAELS (Mastering for radio)
  • GYPSY CARNS (tabby Crabb producer)
  • NICK BLAXTON (tabby Crabb, ken Posey)
  • CACHEXIA (tabby Crabb)
  • DALTON JAMES (tabby Crabb)
  • HOLLOW (Music Production)
  • ANDY MAY (Video Editing)
  • UNKA JIM CALVIN (Songwriter Session)
  • DUANE MICHAELS (Music Production)
  • JIM CALVIN (Video editing)
  • DALTON JAMES (tabby Crabb)
  • PRIME OUTLETS MALL (Video Project)
  • ELVIN LOVELESS (tabby Crabb)
  • BETTY KEY (tabby Crabb)
  • SAM NEELY (Video Project)
  • ANDY MAY (Video Project)
  • M-PULSE (Greg Kane)
  • DANNY GRIEGO (Ritchie Albright/Greg Kane Producers)
  • GENERAL GYPSY CARNS (tabby Crabb)
  • FREDDY LOVVORN (Video Project)
  • THE SMASHERS (Video Project)
  • NEAL SPEARS (Greg Kane/tabby Crabb)
  • SIERRA AGENCY (Video Project)
  • CUMBERLAND GAP (Tennessee Parks)
  • RUSSELL SMITH (Tabby Crabb and Russell Smith)
  • DRIVEN (Greg Kane)
  • THE CRAWDADDIES (Conrad St. Clair)
  • DALTON JAMES (flatwood)
  • THE GENERAL (tabby Crabb)
  • BETTY KEY (Stan Key)
  • DAVID NORRIS (Gary Ferguson)
  • AMBER MOGG (Brett Blanden)
  • UNCLE DAVES MUSIC (tabby Crabb - Aaron Wiles)
  • FREDDY LOVVORN (Ron Norton - Sidewinder Records)
  • GYPSY - THE GENERAL (tabby Crabb and The General)
  • LONGMAN (tabby Crabb and Joe Norris)
  • ALLEN WOODY (Little Milton Project) (Allen Woody)
  • CHARLIE WAYNE BAND (Charlie Wayne)
  • RED LANE (Hank Cochran)
  • JOHN BELLAR (tabby Crabb)
  • DALE HOUSTON (Freddy Weller)
  • THE AMAZING RHYTHM ACES (Greg Kane and Russell Smith)
  • AARON TIPPEN (Ricky Scruggs)
  • LORI LAWTON (Brett McGuire)
  • HILLBILLY HIGHWAY (tabby Crabb)
  • YOUNG COUNTRY (Toby Steele)
  • THE AMAZING RHYTHM ACES (Greg Kane/tabby Crabb)
  • CHRIS CAGLE (tabby Crabb and Toby Steele)
  • BIG SOFA & THE LAZY BOYS (John Cheek and Quintin Ware)
  • ED COFFEY (Aerodrome Records)
  • BOBBY BRADFORD BLUES BAND (Greg Kane/tabby Crabb)
  • BIG SOFA & THE LAZY BOYS Video Project
  • JANET BARNES (Janet Barnes, Greg Kane, Herky Williams)
  • DEAD KALM (Tabby Crabb)
  • HANK COCHRAN (Hank Cochran and Greg Kane)
  • CLINTON GREGORY (Gifted Few)
  • DAVID ALLAN COE (David Allan Coe)
  • BILLY DON BURNS (Flatwood Studio)
  • KAREN BROOKS (Flatwood Studio)
  • ANDREW WALKER (Freddy Wall and Hassell Teekell)
  • ROSCO (Stepping Stone Management)
  • MEG GIANOTTI (Wall/Teekell)
  • DOWNTOWN LARRY BROWN (Mr. Romance and Downtown)
  • AUDRA COLDIRON (Audra Coldiron)
  • GOOSE CREEK SYMPHONY (Charlie Gearhardt)
  • LITTLE BIG MEN (Shiloh Music /Ancient Springs Music)
  • ROLLIN & TUMBLIN (Gypsy Carns and tabby Crabb)
  • J.W. ADAMS Echoes of Elvis (Stepping Stone Mgmt.)
  • HITCHCOCK CIRCUS (Wall Music Group/Hassell Teekell)
  • KNIFEWING (Greg Kane and Ritchie Albright)
  • JAMES LEBLANC (Wall Music Group and Hassell Teekell)
  • KEITH URBAN (Bugle Music)
  • KIPPY DAVIS (Wall Music Group/Hassell Teekell Productions)
  • RICK LEE (Andy May Music)
  • GREENHOUSE 27 (Wall Music Group/Elektra Records)
  • DINER JUNKIES Dennis Lee Duncan
  • BONEDADDY (Sam Desalvo)
  • KEITH URBAN (Bugle Music)
  • KENNETH MULLIS (Wall Music Group/Hassell Teekell )
  • MOONSHINE (tabby Crabb)
  • DRIFTER'S WIND (James Stroud)
  • KJ ALLEN BAND (KJ Allen Band)
  • KEITH URBAN (Bugle Music)
  • VERNON RUST (Miles Copeland)

  • Without friends we couldn't be doing what we do.
    None of us!

    The Console From The Grand Ole Opry!!!
    Soundcraft 2400 from The Grand Ole Opry now at Flatwood!!!
    Soundcraft 2400 from The Grand Ole Opry!!!
    We have installed it and it sounds great; very fat low end.
    Thanks Troy Venable.

    - Rates: Please inquire about availability and to arrange a visit.
    We are open by appointment only.

    This eastern red cedar tree growing near the studio is our symbol. When I told my friend Joe Longman Norris of the Free Cherokee that it had been struck by lightning he drove 10 hours through the night and camped beneath its branches. As he chanted and smoked a Red-tailed Hawk circled three times above his head. He told us to use the tree wisely and to treat it with respect. "Put the wood in the four corners of your studio for protection from evil spirits." This we did!

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    FLATWOOD STUDIO, Post Office Box 415, Leslie, GA 31764

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    1997 The studio is handmade of local hardwoods.
    Russell Smith (The Amazing Rhythm Aces) put it this way:
    "It's like recording inside a guitar. It sounds wonderful!".
    Can we quote you on that, Russell?
    "Yes, absolutely."

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