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"Ladies at Lunch" by Jeff Williams
One day, while waiting for an appointment, I decided to have a quick lunch at a quaint little cafe near my meeting place. Being by myself, I was free to observe all the other diners. I was particularly drawn to a round table across the room. There was such joyful energy exuding from the six ladies seated there. I couldn't take my eyes off them.
This was no quick bite to eat for them; this was a social event! They were very stylishly dressed and seemed to be admiring each others outfits. They were in their own little world; totally oblivious to anything going on around them. I couldn't hear their

"Ladies at Lunch"
by Jeff Williams

conversations, but I could tell they were all friends. At times it seemed as though they were all speaking at once, but their laughter, eye contact and the nods of their heads showed that everyone was following every detail of every story. Their faces expressed every emotion, from sadness and compassion to sheer joy!
I was so captivated by the interaction between these ladies that I not only cancelled my lunch order, but also the appointment I was waiting for. I went directly back  to my studio, and began to paint. Their images still so fresh in my mind's eye. With every brush stroke I could hear the muffled sounds of their voices, exclamations and laughter. What a wonderful  connection these ladies had. It was "Magical" and I felt compelled to attempt to capture it on my canvas!

Thank You Mary Faye for suggesting this artwork and story by Jeff Williams visit Jeff's website Jeff Williams Fine Art