I'd Rather Serve A Table of Masters Than Head A Table Of Fools.

"I opened the door up slowly and stepped inside a place in time I hadn't been since I was just a kid"
Among Grandma's Souvenirs (Tabby Crabb and Jeff Raymond - Lobo Records)

Welcome Friend and Stranger Alike

This page was started at the urging of my close friends Andy and Lauren May. Andy probably knows more about my music career than I do. This was all done from memory so I'm sure to remember more as time goes on, or maybe not; you know how those old brain cells go, don't you? I've decided to have some fun with this site so you might want to check back from time to time to see what's going on as I dig through the attic and, yes, the basement too. But first...

If I could thank anyone it would be Paul Cox and especially Bob Jaros for their time, financial backing and loyalty over the years, Joe Delano for his unconditional friendship, Jeff Raymond for teaching me about the real music business, Michael Rapunzel for his faith in a stranger, Johnny Lee for his encouragement at Gilley's in the early days, Mickey Gilley, the man, for giving me a shot as his piano player and letting me fly his Cessena, Naomi Judd and Larry Strickland for taking me in when I first came to Nashville and to Wynonna who gave up her room so I didn't have to sleep on Memphis' bus parked out by the barn on Del Rio Pike and Ashley for making me a birthday cake when she was 11 because I didn't have one (before I met the wonderful Gloria Parmentier), Kent Lavoie aka LOBO for resurecting his record label for my first two or three singles, Richard Robinson for teaching me about the Web and clueing me into the fact that great New Yorkers are the greatest of people, Billy Crittenden for always being here (when I wasn't) and my best buddy Greg Kane for teaching me constantly about studio life, art and honesty and for bringing The Amazing Rhythm Aces, The Ranch and Vernon Rust out here to our humble studio in the hills.

The rest of this is more of a list of some of the stuff I've done that seems like mattered at all in the general scheme of things. This site will deal primarily with my personal efforts to survive in the music business all-the-while trying to make some headway against the machine rather than on my personal life which is pretty boring anyway.

On to the list. I'll fill in commentary as time goes on and organize this into pages, links, some helpful information and anything else I can think of...



Urban Cowboy Band (piano, acoustic guitar, banjo, piano)(Warner Special)
Bayou City Beats (piano)(Gilley's Records)
Becky Hobbs and Oklahoma Heart (pedal steel, bgv)
Memphis (piano, pedal steel, banjo)
The Brown Brothers Band (piano)(Red Dot Records)
Andy May-Texas Tabby Crabb Band (banjo, guitar, pedal steel)
Medicine Wheel (piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, fiddle)
Swamp Grass (bluegrass band toured Vietnam during the conflict)
The Strange Bedfellows (piano, organ)(SSS Intl' Records)


Saturday Night At Gilleys (Warner Special) The Urban Cowboy Band
Sam Neely (Gilley's Records) Sam Neely
Cowboy Blue (Red Dot) The Brown Brothers
Floyd Tillman (Gilley's Records) Floyd Tillman
Among Grandma's Souvenirs (Lobo) Tabby Crabb (Pick Hit/Billboard)
Annabelle Lee (Lobo) Tabby Crabb (Billy Aerts really covered me on this)
I Hope We Have A Bigger Bomb (Bantam) Tucker White
The Night Porter Wagoner Came To Town (db) Tabby Crabb (Top100/Cbox)
Angel Wings (Doctor Bob) Tabby Crabb (Top 100/Cashbox)
What A Lie (db) T.C. Roberts (Top 100/Cashbox)(produced by Greg Kane)
I'm A Little Boy Again (db) T.C. Roberts (Top 100/Cashbox)
River Song (db) T.C. Roberts (produced by Richie Albright and Greg Kane)


Internet Link Exchange
Link Exchange Member


Concrete and Steel(db) Mercedes (Top 100/Cashbox)
Southern Comfort (db) The Brickers (Top 100/Cashbox)
Christmas With The National Boychior of America (Rama)
Keeper of Fools (db) Moldyer (4 song ep)
Santa Drives A Peterbilt (db) Lowell and The Roadcrew
Man In The Moon (db) Mercedes (Top 100/Cashbox)
Heavens Break (db) Quade
The Party Never Ends (db) Catch-22


The Tidewater Report (National Public Radio) producer Tabby Crabb. Featured eclectic folkism for 18 months on many NPR and APR radio stations and carried on the Satcom IV satellite.


The Night Porter Wagoner Came To Town (CMT Top 5)
produced by Rick Sanjek and Bob Jaros. Also popular on TNN and often featured by Shotgun Red. Thanks Shotgun!


Urban Cowboy (Paramount) starring John Travolta and featuring the music of The Urban Cowboy Band, CDB, Boz Scaggs and others. I joined the band around this time but mostly spent my time as a Cotton-Eyed Joe dancer during the filming. I did sit next to Jim Bridges (the director) during the screening in Houston for the Gilley Bunch. Being even a small part of the Urban Cowboy was a very positive experience. Mickey, Johnny, Norman Carlson, Rocky Stone, Mike Schalacci, Sidney Pamonis, Ron Levine and road manager Terry Rhinehart and later on Eli Nelson were great guys to work with. I'll never forget the good times. Thank you all for the inspiration and friendship!


Among Grandma's Souvenirs (with Jeff Raymond)(Boo Music)
Billy Goat In The Bitterweed (with Robert Herridge)(Red Rose Music)
Storm Dancer (with Andy May, Jeff Raymond, Ron Levine, Jeff Gilkersen)(Boo Music)(Lobo Records)
River Song (Ancient Springs Music)
Billy And The Kid (Ancient Springs Music)
Cowboy Lost In Space (with Don Goodman)
Concrete Jungle (with Bonepony)(Warner-Chappell)


I'm Not Over You (Curb Records) Johnny Lee (written by Sam Neely)
Southern Comfort (db Records) The Brickers
Stomp Revival (Capitol Records) Bonepony
The Party Never Ends (db) Catch-22
Heavens Break (db) Quade


Mayhem (Paul Kozak and The Amazing Jonathan in Reno and Las Vegas. Pete Biro set it up for me to build the props and then go out as stage manager. The show was great and I made some new friends too.)
Wicked (Paul Kozak)(This show played a month on the river front in Pittsburgh. The "burg" is great. Lots of talented people. Kozak is tops and continues to play comedy clubs across the states. "Koz" had me onstage as his retired medival monk sidekick. Lots of fire, skeletons, spoooky stuff like a hip midnight horror show from the fifties. Even got to work with Tom Savini thanks to Koz.)
International Brotherhood of Magicians (Hotel Shows Director for the past five years. Now my assistant Jerry Schnepp has taken over and put me out of a job. Just kidding, I passed it on. The club's politics starting getting under my skin and they wouldn't let me pad my expense account anymore...)


Flatwood Studio
Cool Springs Studio


Recording The Amazing Rhythm Aces new album (MCA Music)
Knifewing project (American Records) Producer: Richie Albright
Bonepony (Capitol) Producer: Kenny Mims and Bonepony
Hank Cochran on The Web
Greenhouse 27
(elektra)(Flatwood Studio)
Rick Lee (Waterbug Records) Producer: Andy May


El Tabman (known in magic circles for stage management and fine craft)
T.C. Roberts
(stage name in Gilley's organization. my aunt came up with it)
Tucker White
(a dark moment when I had to put out my best record as an alias due to my backer's rejection of a song which was tongue-in-cheek)
Coathanger Wilson
(well, I wrote the forward to Pete Biro's encyclopedia on The Linking Rings as "Coathanger", a name I truly made up for the occasion.)
Curley Wayne Turner
(organ on Catch-22's album, I took this name after my best dog-friend, Curley Little-bear, my favorite name that starts with "W" and my step-grandad's name.)
Col. Avery Beaumont
(whenever I can, wherever I can)


National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Voting Member)
Who's Who In American Entertainment
American Federation of Musicians
(former New Orleans, Houston, Brunswick, GA and Nashville)
Washington Area Music Association
National Music Publishers Alliance
International Brotherhood of Magicians
Lt. Colonel, Aide-de-Camp
(for Georgia Governor Joe Frank Harris)

Now, here near the end I can ask the great spirit for the blessings of a good life for you and all others who's paths I've crossed, some encounters more significant than others, but all significant in their own way.

Thank you for everything. Peace.


1997 Tabby Crabb